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Cristiano Ronaldo's Latest Company And His Other Businesses

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most paid athletes in the world and only Lionel Messi surpasses him in football, but there's more to this because Ronaldo's off-the-field earnings obliterate Lionel Messi's.

Ronaldo makes hundreds of millions not from playing football but from his businesses. Ronaldo recently created a new business.

Ronaldo has created a new hair transplant Clinic in the town of Marbella, a location visited by A-listers and business magnates. It's Cristiano second Clinic opened in Spain, the first is in Madrid, and his tenth hair Clinic around the world.

Inaugurated in 2002, the original Clinic was used for plastic surgery but in 2004 it made headlines after a tragic death. Nigeria's First Lady went for a liposuction that resulted in her death, but the Clinic has been changed to a Hair Transplant Clinic by Ronaldo.

Cristiano's team will launch a $5million public campaign to attract new customers. Due to his new business, Ronaldo's estimated yearly gains are around $1billion, but besides the Clinics, the CR7 brand is always expanding.

Cristiano Ronaldo has his personal fragrance line, several lines of clothing industries including CR7 underwear and Denim. He has created a Hotel and property empire. The Pestana CR7 lifestyle hotels are all around the Globe.

Cristiano Ronaldo has also been investing in an aviation company that rents planes, and he's also in the stock market, buying and selling stocks.

Many football legends have seen their riches face away but this will not be the case for Ronaldo and his family.

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