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Children might ask their dads these questions if they see Pulisic dribbling Wan-Bissaka tomorrow

Manchester united and Chelsea will be playing out the FA cup semi-final round tomorrow, that will obviously be the 4th time these two clubs are meeting this season. However, there are some events fans are anticipating to see that day such as Pulisic dribbling Wan-Bissaka, Mateo Kovacic out-classing paul pogba and Bruno Fernandes, Giroud scoring a great header to De Gea and finally Reece James tying up Marcus Rashford at the flank position.

A setting where by a father is watching the match with his kids will probably look funny because the children will be forced to ask some really funny question. Some of these questions might come like this:

"Daddy, why is the one on plaited hair always falling down?

Another kid might ask, "Daddy, the one in blue is always putting the ball in between the two legs of the red one, i thought friends always care for each other.

It might also come this way, "Daddy, why is the red one at the back of the blue one, i thought he is a defender.

"Daddy, everybody is marking the fair one but he kept getting unstoppable.

"Daddy, the one on plaited hair is always kicking the fair one, i think he should be sent off

"Daddy, the red one cannot move with the ball, i think he should learn from the blue one.

"Daddy, why is the red one always dancing? "

The seen will probably look very funny and interesting.The first questions are in favour of pulisic, see what Children will ask their dads if Wan-Bissaka fails to be dribbled.

"Daddy, the red one is proving too sturbbon, i think the blue one should stop coming to him

"Daddy, why is it that anytime the red one falls down, he gets the ball.

"Daddy, if i were the blue one, i will start crying.

"Daddy, the fair one has been bullied a lot of times, i think he should call for help.

Ole Gunner Solskjaer have probably won Frank Lampard 3 times this season. This is enough to conclude that Lampard is a toothless bull-dog where he is. However, another chance have been given to the English manager to prove himself and that is the FA cup clash tomorrow. This will really be an interesting match to watch especially the battle between Wan-Bissaka and Christian Pulisic.

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