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Man stirs reactions as he asks about things people can still afford no matter how broke they are

People should understand that building wealth is not always about luck and it does not happen overnight but rather building wealth is about

1. putting in hard work.

2. Planning consistency.

3. To be disciplined and accountable.

4. Above all to have good management of money.

To be broke at times is not something that happens naturally, it happens because of people's behavior that does not support their success.

A man took to his Twitter handle to ask people what is the one thing they can still afford despite being broke and his question stirred many reactions.

He tweets;

"What's the one thing you can still afford, no matter how broke you are?"

The post generates more than 1000 reactions as many people took to the comment section to post that one thing they know they can afford.

Below are some of their reactions.

It has a lot of funny reactions someone even said 'sanitary pad,' and some go for Garry and groundnut.

What is that one thing you can afford no matter how broke you are?

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