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OPINION: 5 football managers who can replace Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool if he is sacked

Currently, Liverpool fc have lost four of their last five home games in the Premier League and this means that Jurgen Klopp's job as their football manager is at stake here. 

Earlier this season, they were doing too good but after quarter of the 2020-21 season, they gone beyond what was expected of them. Despite experiencing considerable number of injury issues, which had affected their main centre-backs for the long-term.

Jurgen Klopp used to be one of the best football manager in any season but this season, it seems that the center backs he depends on so much are on serious injury but are undergoing injury treatment. 

Jurgen Klopp was affected when he knew that their three key players are on long team injury and this season too, Liverpool has scored just one goal in their last five home games in the Premier League. Well, I believe that somethings need to change at Liverpool and I think this change will include for Jurgen Klopp been sacked from his job as Liverpool manager. 

With that said, let's take a look at 5 football managers who can replace Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool if he is sacked. 

5. Frank Lampard:

He was a former Chelsea player and football manager, he did so well at Chelsea but I think he didn't put his best in the work. 

Liverpool too on the other hand are having a shaky and unbalanced shape under their current manager Jurgen Klopp and if time is not taken, Frank Lampard could be a better option to replace him. 

4. Lucien Favre:

Lucien Favre is currently unemployed as Borussia Dortmund sacked him in December after they club experienced a serious set back. 

Interestingly, I believe Jurgen Klopp little relationship with Borussia Dortmund before before he became a manager at Liverpool.

As a young manager, Lucien Favre could have more to give to Liverpool if he replaces Jurgen Klopp.

3. Massimiliano Allegri:

This manager is undoubtedly one of the most high-profile manager on the market right now, and he could be the manager that Liverpool could depend on for the long-term to come back in form. 

He has good records in his football management career. 

I think with his type of experience, Liverpool can become league title Champions soon. 

2. Julian Nagelsmann:

He is a young fresh blood football manager who manages RB Leipzig.

He is just 33-year-old but he has created RB Leipzig into one of the strongest sides in Europe as of current.

With the way he organised RB LEIPZIG, I believe he can do so for Liverpool when he is called to duty.

See what Julian Nagelsmann said about been a Manager at any Premier League club:

Nagelsmann has displayed that he can do too well at a young age for Liverpool and could very well prove to be a great fit for the Reds.

1. Steven Gerrard:

I believe he could work well for Liverpool with the personnel they have and help Liverpool players understand how to rely on each other. 

After Julian Nagelsmann, Steven Gerrard is another most promising young managers in football currently and he will be a perfect fit for Liverpool. He will come and automatically win the Premier League title with Liverpool- something that he was not able to do as a player.

He can replace Jurgen Klopp if he is eventually sacked this season or by the end of this sacked. 

OPINION: I have observed that Klopp is going through a bad time at Liverpool, pending from the injuries alone that maked it tough for him to the stressful matches they have been playing and also the death of his mother is also affecting him badly this season. 

But I don't think fans realise the impact of other teams stepping up their game to match the top Reds. 

I also think that sacking Jurgen Klopp is not the main problem, the main problem right now is all about player motivation and injuries. That's all.

So I have observed that Liverpool is poor this season due to injuries not because of klopp

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