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The Best WWE Champions at Returning Analytical Percentages.

What did you think of this wwe champions, who's going to make that Surprising returning to the Royal Rumble pitch.

1. CM Ponk at 61.6% to return.

According to a report from Vince MacMahon, in 2014; disclosing the going of the popularly known WWE superstar 'CM PUNK'. Many people are yet to believe the star is finally gone and still wondering about his returning if it's anyway possible due to his defeat on the UCF octagon career going 0-2 his fans still believe that it's high time he return back to his early career and keeps on performing his wonders.

2. The Rock 13.3%

Will the number one of the 1st third WWE generation popularly known as "The Rock" by ring name return to the WWE to face the might Brock Lesnar at the WrestleMania 32?

This is what many of the super star fans has been craving to see after the defeat of "The Rock" by Lesnar back 2002 to acquire his first championship title.

3. Stone Cold 8.2%

Will "Stone Cold Stive Austin" return this 2020 to face the Brock Lesnar he rejected to face back 2002 in an advertising qualifying match that could help Brock to become one of the biggest star in the history of WWE back 2002?

Many people really look forward to see this day really happened back that year but it didn't. This was as a result of Stone Cold having that ego he later regretted after he quited his career. It could have been the biggest match out of the WWE for "Lesnar" he started. As at then his career is almost at the end point but he insisted in taking that actual fight.

Can this fight still hold if he returns to the WWE? Thus we see his percentage of returning very low but can this truly happen?.

4. The Great Undertaker 17.8%

Though neither has "The Undertaker" nor the WWE has formally announced the retirement of The dead man after his final match with the Wrestle star "AJ Styles", which he ended up burying AJ Styles in a casket and even ride away with it.

After that match, he tweeted saying that, the match was a perfect moments that, you don't necessarily get most of those time saying if, there was a perfect ending to a career then that match with AJ Styles has said it all.

The Undertaker said this in his recent BBC interview that, he had love returning for one last match but, time will really determine if he has to do so.

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