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UEFA Champions League

Lionel Messi Comment after Barca loss: If we don't change, we will lose against Napoli."

Barcelona Experienced a 2-1 loss to Osasuna and Lionel Messi had this to say after the match. Everything we have experienced since January has been very bad. We have to change a lot of things for real. The fans are running out of patience because we're not giving them anything. It's normal, We are a weak team who can be beaten with enough intensity and enthusiasm, "Roma, Liverpool, the fans are running out of patience because we're not giving them anything.

If we want to fight for the Champions League, a lot has to change. Like this, we will lose to Napoli, ❝We need to have some self-criticism, all the way around. We are Barça and we must win every game, no matter which one it is.❞

He's right he's been carrying them on his back since Neymar and Enrique left. Without his goals and assists they would probably struggle to make top 4 its a very mediocre and ageing squad. Messi needs to tell his team to work as a team and not rely on him alone and that anyone can score a goal and that also to get the ball back with energy when easily given away not walking like pregnant people, Taking the entire club on his shoulders. Has played all 90 minutes of last 8 games. He's tired. Give him a break.

This guy ha been carrying the team on his back for three seasons. Goal involvement almost 90%. And when he expresses himself idiots say he is a part of the problem, The only thing I blame Messi for is not doing this sooner. At least Messi is being realistic. He’s not gonna sugarcoat the issue. If the board doesn’t change or Bartomeu doesn’t leave, they’ll decline even more. At this point there’s only two options, Messi leaves or Bartomeu leaves, no in between.

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