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Top 5 Reasons Chelsea Fc Have The Most Fans In Nigeria

It is no doubt that football is the sport with the highest number of fans in the world today, and every fan has his or her own respective team to support. That is the case down here in Nigeria as Chelsea fc has been the most loved football club here, for more than one decade and still counting. But you might ask how did Chelsea win the heart of Nigerians. Read below and know.

1. SERIOUSNESS : it is clearly noticed that chelsea fc is one of the most football clubs in the world today that coaches doesn't have to joke with when in charge, for the sake of their job, because any repeated mistake might show them the door. Many coaches and players have come and gone in a way they didn't like, because to work for club, you must be under the club. Also here in Nigeria, seriousness is something we don't let go, other clubs are serious too, but as we know the more serious a club is, the more fans it gets

2. CHALLENGING; when you talk of Chelsea fc you talk of the club that made the EPL more challenging. Since Russian billionaire Roman Abramovic bought Chelsea fc, the club has made a lot of impacts in the epl, by making it one of the most challenging leagues in the globe today, every season Chelsea is there highly challenging for trophy, and for sure that is what Nigerians want, Challenge.

3.Signing of Nigerians and other black players: This has made Nigerians love this club the more coupled with the first two I mentioned, because for many years now, every season Nigerians have a player with there root in almost all chelsea matches. And they perform impressive.

4. NICK NAME ; this also has done a lot in the heart of Nigerians, because Chelsea fc nick name is simple, clear, representative and can be said anywhere at anytime. You might notice that it's not all man utd fans that want to called The red devils or arsenal fans gunners anytime anywhere. So that nick name the blues has done much here.

Family and friends; have you noticed that most elderly football lovers here in naija are Chelsea fans, especially in the southern part of the country, and they always support the club with passion, this has done much by making younger ones to develop love for the club and also convince their friends to do so.

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