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Analysis: Why Messi has been struggling in France and Ronaldo is flourishing in England.

The debate of who is the greatest player of all time between Ronaldo and Messi has taken a new turn in recent weeks after the two players started their career in new clubs following their summer transfer. It was a strange summer transfer window indeed after two of the finest footballers the game has ever seen changed their club to seek Pasture new.

During the moves, it is Messi that was tipped to make better impact on his new team and score more goals than Ronaldo because Ligue 1 championship seems to be less difficult compared to the Premier League. However, after both players made three appearances each for their new club, it is Messi who has been cut a frustrated figure after failing to find the back of the net in his first three appearances. Ronaldo on the other hand has hit the ground running with United, having taken a closer look at what is happening at the two clubs, we will analyze why Messi is struggling and Ronaldo is flourishing in this article. 

No one could have predicted what is happening with Messi now, some weeks ago after he completed a shocking move to PSG. In many people's mind, Ronaldo was going to struggle in the Premier League because of the physicality and competitive nature of the English championship. However, the reverse has been the case so far, after each of the players made three appearances for their new club. Ronaldo's record for United on his second return now stand at four goals scored in just three games, while Messi is yet to score a goal nor register an assist have played three games as well. 

In my opinion, I believe the fact that Messi is trying to humble himself in a star-studded PSG squad is the major reason why he is struggling. First, it started with when he wanted to join the club, he refused to take the number 10 jersey from Neymar, instead he goes for the Number 30 jersey. Against Lyon Last night, PSG got a penalty in the second half, instead of taking the spot kick at least to register his first goal for the club, Messi allowed Neymar to take the kick before he was being replaced in the 76th minutes. 

With the way Messi has been doing since joining PSG, he seems to see himself as everyone else in the squad, which is why he has not been imposing himself even on the team's pattern of play. Ronaldo on the other hand returned to United as a king. He had had to share the frontline with the likes of Mason Greenwood, Jadon Sancho, Bruno Fernandes, among others and all of these players sees him as an idol. Ronaldo seems to have imposed himself on the squad, and his presence has seen everybody suddenly dance to his tune. 

From the way United play now, all attention seems to be on getting the ball to Ronaldo to score due to his incredible ability to find the back of the net regularly. It is this reason among many other reasons that, I believe, is responsible for the two footballers' different fortune in their new clubs so far. 

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