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Checkout The Top Ten Manchester United's Worst Signings ever Under Sir Alex Ferguson.

Every United fan will have their own list of the worst signings ever and, as he's been in the job for 25 years, most of them would be down to Sir Alex Ferguson.

In an astonishingly successful career at Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson won 38 trophies and changed the Premier League forever. But not everything he touched turned to gold.

To the delight of rival fans and the relief of rival managers. Fergie was known to recruit the odd duff player.

The first name on our list of 10 falls into this category also world class players who never really made it at Old Trafford.

 My first choice may simply have been too good. The layers are ranked according to their performances and number of appearances.

Please post your own choices after reviewing this list.

1. Pat McGibbon

The highlight of his career came in a League Cup match against York City in 1995, which United lost 3-0. McGibbon was sent off and never played for the team again.

Nobody has yet adequately explained why Pat McGibbon was signed for £100,000 in 1992 after only one game in professional football.

He only played one game for United as well, before going to Wigan for a £250,000 profit. He can't have been too bad, because he made 163 appearances for the Latics in five years.

But he only played once for United in a similar period. 

So, after just one game with each of his first two clubs and five years on United's books, his value had rocketed more than threefold. He did have substantial success with the Latics however, playing a total of 173 times including his loan spell and scoring 12 goals.

It would seem harsh to classify him as one of Sir Alex's worst signings .

2. Eric Djemba Djemba

This was a period when Sir Alex lost the plot for a while. Whether he was looking for "value in the market," attempting to spot ripe talent or relying on his scouts, the Boss made some awful signings between 2003 to 2005. 

He was bought for £3.5 million to replace Roy Keane after establishing an uncompromising style for both Nantes and Cameroon.

Apart from being embarrassingly bad at United, he completely lost the plot off the pitch. By the age of 26 his billionaire lifestyle had bankrupted him. 

3. Juan Sebastian Veron

He has now retired at the age of 37. He is one of the most sublimely talented footballers I have ever seen in 55 years.

The never-ending question however is whether these talented players can hack it in the Premier League?

Veron was never shy, physically. He didn't just score goals; they were often spectacular. He did well in Europe for United and although he was often brilliant in the Premier League, he didn't quite make it.

During his time at United he scored just eleven goals and only seven in 51 matches in the EPL. United did win the Premier League in both of those seasons, but Veron struggled to cope with the pace of the game in England, hence his limited appearances.

3. Kleberson

There will, as a result, be some trepidation in and out of Old Trafford at the prospect of paying over £30 million for a 19-year-old Brazilian, however talented he is. 

When you look at his international career, as with Veron, you ask how he could have failed at Old Trafford?

His £6.5 million signing was to replace Veron. Clearly Sir Alex hadn't given up on midfield class. Injured in his second match, he played only 20 matches in total for United, scoring two goals.

After two seasons, United took an almost £5 million loss to unload him to Besiktas. 

4. Bebe

He was purchased by Sir Alex from Victoria Gumimaraes for a fee of £7.4m in 2010.

Bebe’s arrival at Manchester United was a real curiosity from the start, coming barely a year after he had been playing at the Homeless World Cup.

It was also a point of note that his Old Trafford move had come days after a change in agents, with his new partners Gestifute having worked closely with United before.

What followed was an unmitigated disaster. Bebe never made a Premier League start for the club so obvious was his lack in quality, and he tallied only seven appearances in total before being sent on various loans over the following three seasons.

United eventually got him off the books in 2014 ahead of two failed seasons with Benfica , and Bebe later admitted he hadn’t wanted to be a footballer when he was younger. 

5. Ralph Milne

Sir Alex's former sidekick Archie Knox had recommended him. He lasted just six months and 23 matches before leaving United. He never played club football again.

Sir Alex has admitted that Ralph was his worst ever signing although Bebe may yet change his mind.

6. Massimo Taibi

Sir Alex bought him for £4.5 million to replace Schmeichel and ended up being nicknamed the "Blind Venetian". This wasn't his only blunder, but probably the worst in his grand total of four appearances.

Even he may not be the worst ever.

7. William Prunier

In fairness, even though he has previously been voted by fans as the sixth worst signing of all time, he was actually only a trialist.

Originally intending to give William a run in the Reserves, Sir Alex found himself shorn of his three first choice central defenders. 

8. Liam Miller

Martin O'Neill was going to build the Celtic team around young Liam Miller apparently, but Sir Alex snaffled him on a free to the outrage of the Parkhead fans.

Two years and nine appearances later, the Old Trafford fans weren't arguing when he left on a free.

9. Mark Bosnich

Sir Alex has signed two of the best goalkeepers in history, but also has a history of duds.

We've already seen Massimo Taibi and could have included Roy Carroll or even Ricardo, signed for £1.5 million. At least Carroll was given a chance.

For a number of reasons, Bosnich makes my list, not just for his exploits at United.

He was originally signed as a 16-year-old from Australia, making just three appearances before returning home.

He was re-signed in 1999 on a free transfer as a replacement for Peter Schmeichel and actually wasn't a bad keeper. He had a short stint as first choice before French international Fabien Barthez was signed.

Eventually he left for Chelsea, where his contract was terminated after he failed a drug test. He was later said to have developed a cocaine addiction, so we can only speculate what he was doing while at Old Trafford.

In all, he played 289 times in a 20-year career in professional football. A wasted talent.

10. Kieran Richardson

Here is the worst player Sir Alex Ferguson ever signed.

One of the main angles is that a player hasn't fulfilled his potential. He was signed from Aston Villa.

Quite a few of the "love em or hate ems" came up through the youth system. Darren Fletcher was widely despised for years, but is now one of the most valuable players in the squad. Berbatov had no shortage of knockers until he scored 21 goals last term. Juan Sebastian Veron is a class player but couldn't do it in the Premier League.

Thanks for reading this article.

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