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The Year Goalkeepers Were Stopped From Picking The Ball

Goalkeepers don't have the same rights they used to. Before 1912, they could pick up the ball everywhere.

Football's early days were very chaotic, the rules of the game were not standardized, and until 1912, the keeper could pick the ball up with their hands everywhere, except some keepers were ridiculously unsporting.

The keeper Leigh Richmond Roose was famed for that, at Sunderland, he had a frustrating tendency to waste time. He bounced the ball back to the halfway line, the amount of time wasting was huge from cheating keepers.

Since the year 1912, a handball outside the area from a keeper has led to an indirect free-kick, but this didn't fully stop unsporting behavior from Goalkeepers.

Goalkeeper Dino Zoff was famed for his mastery of unsporting behavior. He took time to put the ball in play or kept it in his hands, and he could waste up to 10 minutes with this technique. To fight against this, the 6 seconds rule was created.

Since the year 2000, the 6 seconds rule has limited keepers in their own area. They can only hold the ball in their hands for up to 6 seconds, and if they drop it, they aren't allowed to pick it up again, a goalkeeper can't pick up the ball with their hands after a throw-in.

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