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FA Cup

What Chelsea and Manchester United fans are saying ahead of FA Cup showdown


I hope man u play their full squad again without resting anyone.

Let's see if that stupid VAR will help them out when they'll be so warnout.

We're going to put all the 3 defeat they gave us into one piece for them.


Sorry you were beaten three times already with no VAR so what's the point?


Come Sunday, I wish we win via one or two penalties & watch you cry uncontrollably. Rival fans' tears turn me on.


Have you forgotten our second leg in epl that var helped you guys thrice in one match


That will be ur only excuse for getting eliminated by Chelsea come Saturday


Sorry o, bittered Chelsea fc fan. Where in those three times that your beloved team lost to Man Utd this season was VAR helping? Focus on your games, egbon


Man U has been favored by VAR this season more than any team in the epl. Channel your sentiment else were please.


VAR never helped United for 3 conservative times, accept defeat and move. Am just wondering how ur defense will cope wit martial Nd rashford pace wit Bruno brilliance,, keep quite and wait for Sunday 🔥


Me and you side bet.. 10k

They all played on Thursday and expect them to be 100% ready again on Sunday. Nah machines dem be?


B4 VAR was introduced, when ur club vs other club, they score a goal with offside, u will say Referee side opponent club la, this Referee bought that club la, why no offside flag up what so ever. As always, that's football. Anything can happened. 😂


Well, I agree but for United everything good happens to them except owning 5th place💯

We gonna settle this banter shit on Sunday right there at old Trafford.


When u lost the game to rival club, u blame VAR. When u win a goal or penalty by VAR, what do u say? Are you going to say, YES, We deserved that.? Lol...

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