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25 Types of People You Are Likely to Meet in a Viewing Center. Please Try Not to Laugh Too Hard.

If you are a football fan, you will relate well with the following memes. Below are 25 types of people you are likely to meet at the viewing center.

This type of people normally sit at the front, they know the details of every player in their team.

This type are the lowkey guys, they don't want stress.

This type of people are always very loud, you will hear their voice even if you are outside. Lol.

Lol. Has happened to me before.

This set of people are also good with history.

You type of people will never reveal the team they are supporting, because they don't want revenge.

Atleast he respected himself.

This ones have natural speakers, they will never allow you enjoy the match.

Lol. I love the tension too.

This type of people can bring up irrelevant argument just to provoke you to bet.

This ones can even play against the team they support, their major concern is their money, nothing else.

This type of people are very rare.

Lol, you don't have money but at least you have sense.

Especially when their team is losing.

That was how someone spoilt the ceiling fan in one of the viewing centers I normally watch football.

I don't normally sit near this people, I will just stand up for you.

Especially when it is a cup final.

This people are the ones that makes viewing centers all the more fun. But just don't touch me if you don't want us to have problems.

So which category do you fall into?

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