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Opinion:Real Madrid Blanco is one of the brightest kids out there.

After Blanco's decent performance against Cádiz yesterday, I noticed some fans and even Commentators seemed surprised the way he played on his debut, the quality the calmness he showed on the ball.

Someone started comparing him with Xabi Alonso already, and some wondered why he wasn't used earlier.

But its nothing surprising to be honest, Blanco is a La Fábrica graduate. And La Fábrica is no joke, when you move up the age categories there and finally reach Castilla, without getting sold, it means quality, talent and technique wise you are world class.

The mentality and the attitude are two things can't be taught. The rest, they teach you all the right things.

Blanco is one of the brightest kids out there, and it shouldn't be surprising at all that he's got quality. In fact even the players sold from Castilla in the last 2 years, I can name a few of them who are going to be very good players for established LaLiga sides some years down the line. Alvaro Fidalgo, Jorge De Frutos, Miguel Baeza, Fran García, Franchu all these are top quality players, and I wouldn't be surprised if they managed to have excellent careers at top LaLiga clubs.

Now the question, why was Zidane so reluctant to use Castilla's kids earlier. Its not just Zidane, these top Managers wouldn't just give anyone a chance just because they are talented.

I remember Castilla's Manager Alberto Toril complaining that Mourinho isn't giving enough chances to Jesé Rodriguez even though he has shown that he deserves to play for the first team. And remember, Jesé was The Best La Fábrica product of the decade, he had that amount of talent.

But the talent isn't enough, you have to show the Manager that you can be trusted, that you are ready to earn your place in the first team.

That's where your attitude and mentality comes into play, you have to keep your attitude right and always keep telling yourself that my chance isn't far away.

Blanco has waited patiently, even though other Castilla players like Marvin, Arribas and Duro got the call up earlier than him, and now he has played 2 games in a row.

There's a process, trust it. And please don't make a fuss if he's not included in the squad this weekend, Castilla got some very important games going on as well!

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