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La Liga

Analyses on Real Madrid possibility of winning La Liga

Real madrid are untop of the table with 83 points, leading Barcelona with 4 points. If Real will win their match against Villarreal today, they will be La liga winner for this season, which will break the heart of Barcelona fans and players because, Barcelona were untop of the table when La liga resumed action after Corona virus break.

So, let's take a look at analysis on how possible Madrid could lift the trophy today : 

Madrid have won their last five games ; Granada 1-2 Real Madrid, Real Madrid 2-0 Deportivo Alaves, Real Madrid 1-0 Gatafe, RCD Espanyol 0-1 Real Madrid, Real Madrid 2-0 Mallorca

Villarreal have won three games and lost two ; Villarreal 1-2 Real socieded, Villarreal 3-1 Gatafe, Villarreal 1-4 Barcelona, Real Betis 0-2 Villarreal, Villarreal 2-0 Valencia.

Madrid are in top form, from the analysis above.

How much does Villarreal need the win against Real Madrid? 

Villarreal are presently occupying the Europa league spot, with just three points above Gatafe and Real socieded, Both teams are facing champions league spot team, Villarreal will want to pressure till the end, to keep their Europa league spot, their last match is against Eiber, that wouldn't be much of a pressure, but if the can get a win or draw against Madrid today, they will be please which such result.

I don't think Barcelona are going to loose neither play draw against Osasuna today.

Possibility of Madrid winning today? 

We are talking about winning the league today, the only thing that will hold the team back is putting too much pressure on themselves, which my result to fear, I am not saying the fear will not be their, but I'd Madrid enters the Field with too much fear of loosing, that wunt be good for the team. Pressure will be on Villarreal too, it wunt be on only Madrid, Villarreal will be looking for to either win or draw, while Madrid will be looking for straight win. The possibility of Madrid to win the match today is complicated.

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