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Lampard reveals half-time talk with Mount which led to second goal against United

Mason endeavored to twist the ball into the top corner in the first half. 

At half-time, Frank requested that he strike through the ball more. 

It paid off as Mount scored the second goal of the game precisely in that design. 

"Individuals will consistently focus on managers when they make blunders," Frank Lampard advised his news conference referring to Chelsea's second goal against Manchester United. 

"All I said to Mason [Mount] at half-time was I needed to see him strike through the ball more and luckily three minutes after I said it, he did! 

"He had a shot in the first half where he attempted to whip it or curve it however for me, fresh against top attendants, you need to strike through the ball. He didn't really hit it splendidly for the goal yet it went in." 

Artisan Mount multiplied Chelsea's lead in the FA Cup semi-final soon after the break and his shot was not the best one, to be sure yet some way or another David De Gea neglected to adapt to it and coordinated the ball into his own net. 

After the game, Mount conceded he had a touch of karma with the goal.

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