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Sheffield is the first football club in the world, see other football facts you probably don't know

Football is undoubtedly the most famous sport in the world which combines speed, strength, skills. Even if you are a die-hard fan of football, there are certainly some facts you don't know about football. 

1. Only Canada and America uses the word SOCCER for football

2. During every, a player runs an average of 9.65km

3. The first Basketball game was played with a football 

4. The North Korea Rungrado May Day stadium is the largest stadium in the world 

5. The First World Football club is Sheffield FC

6. Lightning killed an entire football team in 1998

7. Greenland cannot join FIFA because enough grasses cannot grow on their fields

8. Bryce Brytes a 20-months old baby is the first youngest professional football player

9. The highest scoreline is 149-0 between Stades Olympique de Lemryne and As Adema of Madagascar 

10. The world class, Christiano Ronaldo becomes the first player to score in every minute of the game, 1-90mins

11. Lee Todds holds the record for the fastest red card received, he received the red card after he used a foul language in 2.4secs

12. Neil Armstrong wanted to take football to the space but NASA refused it

13. A referree's call in 1964 caused a riot that result in the death of over 300 people and 500 injured 

14. 16 is the maximum number of goals scored by a player in a single football match 

15. One of the fastest goal is by Ricardo Olivera in 1998 in 2.8secs

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