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UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League VS FIFA World Cup: Which is the biggest competition ?

The UEFA Champions League and the FIFA World Cup are the two top competitions in World Football.

Both competitions have surely produced entertainment and many fans have divided opinions over which is better and bigger than the other.

The debate over the biggest and most exciting competition between these two can finally be put to rest due to their Quality of Football.

UEFA Champions League offer more quality and excitement than the World Cup. The World Cup sometimes can be dull and boring especially when it involves fringe countries.

These countries tend to 'park the bus' in a Mourinho-esque pattern so as not to get caught thereby preventing early elimination.

The UEFA Champions League however is expressive. There is unending excitement over its two-legged tie and with lot of goals. The pressure is high and the teams play expansive football.

UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup winner, Iker Casillas shares the same sentiment and he has this to say 'Winning the UEFA Champions League is more important to me than winning the FIFA World Cup, the Champions League bring some of the best players around the World, organized into some of the biggest clubs over a period, and are made to play at the highest level the game could ever attain'

He also said 'It's different for the FIFA World Cup. Countries hardly have enough time to put their team together and players are exhausted from a whole season work load'

Former Manchester United Manager, Sir Alex Ferguson also made this revelation 'The Champions League is the best competition in the world now, better than the world cup, better than the European championship, it's a fantastic tournament'

That's not all, see the comment of Tottenham Manager Jose Mourinho 'The Champions League is even bigger than the World Cup because the team in it are at a higher level than the national team who can't buy the best players'

There you have it ! The UEFA Champions League is the biggest competition in World football.

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