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Unimaginable and funny laws in some countries

Looking into history, there have been absurd laws that are unimaginable and strange. Most of them had meaning, while some were really ridiculous but, as time passed most of them faded away. Most of these laws, kept me wondering why they were allowed to stay in the first place without a second thought. Let's look at some of these ridiculous laws, that were existing in some countries.

1. In a town in Australia, called Victoria its illegal and considered a crime to fly kites. This law was put in place in the year 1966. Under these law, its a crime to fly kite to annoy someone in public. It's even in existence till now and if you break it, you will be fined the sum of $777. This sounds so unbelievable but it's true.

2. A law in United Kingdom said committing suicide is a criminal offence, and if you try it instead of been helped you will be punished by the law. This law ended in the year 1961. A man named Lionel Henry was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment, in 1958 after pleading guilty for trying to commit suicide. When one successfully commits suicide, his possession goes to the government and the family is left empty handed.

3. The Bishop of Treguier banned football in the year 1440. Football was a very bloody game, and very different in the old days. It was very violent, and the rule says that you win a game by carrying the ball to a fixed point. The game was so crowded that it caused injury, even death. Kings in Europe banned football so many times.

4. Trial by combat was a way to prove innocence in the old days. Remember in the game of thrones, when Tyrion escaped execution by having Bronn fight on his behalf? honestly it happened in history.

You can decide to choose someone to fight for you, or fight for yourself to prove your innocence. The reason behind this is that they believed God grants victory to the innocent.

5. In France their was a law that bans women from dressing like a man. Women were not allowed to wear trousers, unless they were riding a bike or a horse. It was abolished in 2013.

6. A town in Milan has a law that states, everyone must put on a smiling face. It's a punishable offence to frown. You can only frown when visiting a hospital, or attending a funeral. This law was passed when Austrians ruled the city. The reason behind this was to allow foreigners, see Milan as a happy city to trade with or live in.

7. Edward III of England in 1336, made a law to punish anyone found getting fat. The reason behind this was that his soldiers were getting fat and they weren't handy in battle field. He also saw over eating as evil and it made people poor.

8. During the reign of Henry VIII, he banned people from keeping long beards in the city of London. This happened in the 16th century.

9. In Suffolk, United Kingdom it was illegal to blow your nose on the streets. They usually have the game horse racing, and they feared that when people blow their nose on the street the horse might get the flu. Anyone moving about with a cold, or flu had to pay a heavy fine.

10. In the middle ages, animals could be tried in courts for crimal offences. Smaller animals like mice and mosquitoes, gets ecclesiastical trials for destroying grains or damaging peoples churches. Larger animals like pigs trialed for offences like injury, or murder would be sentenced to death. These days animals are treated better.

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