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Unimaginable, how I used my Wife Bride price to play bet (Fiction)

Never bite more than what you can shew, this is the case of Mr. Oluwafemi Ojo, who was working in pure water industry as a deputy branch manager. 

Mr. Oluwafemi had a beautiful Fiancee who he was planning to marry, and his fiancee was working in one of the biggest companies in Ghana earning a big salary, although her family lives in Nigeria. According to Mr. Oluwafemi, he said they met on the social media Facebook to be precise and they began there love life in 2016. They were truthful to each, as they both opened up to each other, and there love life was going on smoothly. Also in part of their post-wedding plan, the lady was planning to relocate the man to Ghana, where he will be able to work in any of their company and start living a better than when he was in Nigeria. After 3 years of dating, although they have met physically during those periods they now decided to get married. 

The Man who is from the Southwest of Nigeria told his family about the wedding plan, although his family was against him at first because the lady is from Imo state, the eastern part of Nigeria and it’s widely believed that those from that part of Nigeria place too much value on bride price, as their bride price is always exorbitant. But after too much of begging and pleading, they gave him their supports and they followed him to Imo state for the introduction. On getting there, they actually billed them as much as they thought before coming. The bride price was ₦200,000 apart from other gifts which include, Lady Bike, a box of clothes, a box of jewelry, a box of shoes, palm oil, mother side money (₦50,000) from father's side(₦70,000) and many other unlisted gifts. Because of the love he had for his wife and for the traveling offer he knew he would get from her, he decided to accept the bills and told them that they should give him three months to prepare everything together.

He began looking for money from friends and family and he even borrowed money from corporative all the money he was able to gather was ₦1,200,000. He bought necessary gifts and he was looking forward to the day of engagement ceremony so that he can go and submit the gift and the bride price. Fast forward to a week to the wedding, his colleague from work called him and told him about a match that’s coming on between Chelsea and Arsenal and that if he should pick Arsenal to score and they eventually score, then he will have his money x 3 because the odd if Arsenal score was 3.01 and Arsenal was playing away match. His friend assured him that Arsenal will surely score, so he placed the bet and he bet with his wife bride price which was ₦200,000 and he was expecting ₦600,000 as income. The match was to be played a day before his engagement party, so he was looking forward to it, he even dreamt he won the bet, so the day came and Arsenal scored first, he was very happy and jubilating, later the goal was canceled due to offside position, he became restless and was looking for a goal, the Chelsea scored 3 goals, by that time he has started sweating from his armpits, at the 89th minute Arsenal was awarded a penalty due to the error that was made by a Chelsea player. Then an Arsenal player came out to play the penalty, he kicked the penalty and the penalty went straight into the air and over the net. Immediately the man collapsed and he was rushed to the hospital. His wedding was canceled and his wife to be traveled back to Ghana.

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