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One factor that affected Chelsea against Man City, and why they should avoid a repeat tonight.

It is no secret that Chelsea lost their last EPL match against current champions, Man City, at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea were completely outplayed in both halves and failed to make a meaningful effort throughout the entire 90-minute period. However, having gone through the match again, I realised the 1-0 loss to Mancity didn't just happen by chance, or by mistakes. It was a product of a sort of complacency from the entire Chelsea squad. And they paid dearly for it.

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Chelsea were overly complacent, being too cautious about conceding a goal.

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Thomas Tuchel arranged his squad in the same way and manner in which he previously played against Mancity, with no tweaking to it. Chelsea were overly complacent in defending cautiously against Manchester City. The sole intention was to catch Man City unawares on the counter, if the opportunity came, and if it didn't, move on to the next game.

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Sadly for Chelsea, this game appeared to be over before it began, as Chelsea lacked any true belief that they might win.

In the end, their overemphasis on being pragmatic and conservative proved to be their undoing. Rather than go out to confront Manchester City, Chelsea sat back, allowing Manchester City to impose their natural style, and dictated the game.

The lesson from this is that football is a progressive game that needs continuous tweaking. And once a team has been found out, it becomes very easy to defeat them. We can see that during the Aston Villa game as well, and even against Tottenham in the first half, Chelsea struggled with the same system, though they later won on both occasions. 

Against Juventus, Thomas Tuchel will do all in his power to tweak his 3-4-1-2/3-4-2-1 formation in such a way that will create more chances for Chelsea to control play against a dominate and we'll Discipline team like Juventus while also being aware that his defensive setup has been discovered. It's not enough to defend. Attacking is a major part of football. So more emphasis should be on the attack while also balancing play between defending and attacking.

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Chelsea have already lost a match exactly the same way Lampard started last season, and these things have a way of affecting the players psychologically. Should another defeat happen again, the players may slowly begin to doubt their ability, and it will affect the confidence level of the Chelsea players. Chelsea needs to believe they can do it. So Thomas would do all in his power to avoid a repeat of what happened on Saturday against Manchester City in the UCL tonight against Juventus, otherwise he risks losing his squad physiologically.

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