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Top Five Football Clubs With The Most Social Media Followers

The world's biggest football clubs are always trying to find new ways to prove their superiority. Unsurprisingly then, when social media began to take over in the early noughties, rival teams immediately started competing to rack up the most followers. Over a decade on, which club has been most successful? Thanks to the recently published Deloitte Football Money League, we can now answer that question. This report added each club's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and TikTok followers to create their combined social media presences. Below are the ten clubs who ruled the social media.

5. Chelsea (93.2m followers)

The list is still going on with English football clubs. Chelsea Football Club, nicknamed The Blues, The Pensioners, was founded in 1905 and is currently based in London. For sure, there are always many people, love this city. I invite them to watch the English team's performance in the Premier League on a rainy day at Stamford Bridge. The club has won the Champions League only once, in 2012. Throughout the years, the name has always been referred for the scandalous transfers. Frank Lampard, the club's legend.

4. Juventus (102.9m followers)

The Italian giants are one of few movers on this list, they leapfrog Arsenal, Bayern and Chelsea this year, and this is most likely to do with the signing of Ronaldo from Real Madrid in 2019. The most popular athlete on the planet – Cristiano Ronaldo, means greater brand visibility and a big boost in mercandise sales, this and a Serie A win for an eighth year in a row helped Juventus get a big boost in social media following.

3. Manchester United (140.8m followers)

Manchester United is something past a gathering. It is a brand, and the legacy related with this brand is enormous to the point that paying little mind to displays on the pitch being on a moderate decline, they have continued including social media followers. They are the league’s most-followed bunch on the web and one of only three clubs that have crossed the 100 million follower impediment.

They seem to have an overall charm, anyway for how long would they have the option to stick to the past?Here’s the way the 133.68 million fans are appropriated over their social media – Facebook – 73.2 millionTwitter – 22.0 millionInstagram – 35.6 millionYouTube – 2.88 million allies

2. Barcelona (248m followers)

2020 was a disastrous year for Barcelona but at least they can take some comfort in registering the second biggest social media following. They led the way in terms on Youtube and Tiktok, as well as ranking second on all other platforms.

1. Real Madrid (251.5m followers)

As in the previous year, Real Madrid is the most successful football club in the social media at the beginning of the 2020/2021 season. However, the lead over the biggest rival is melting away: instead of 5.7 million followers as before last season, Real are now separated from their arch-rivals FC Barcelona by only 2.5 million fans. One reason: Real did not get off to a start on the video platform TikTok as good as Barca. The Spanish record champion is very strong in the Arabic-speaking community. No other Western team has even come close to accumulating such a Twitter following.

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