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Sergio Ramos Explains His Reaction After Vinicius Junior's Unexplainable Miss

Against Atalanta, Vinicius Junior could have scored a stunning goal. Unfortunately, he once again failed to deliver, by then, Sergio Ramos was very upset. The captain sat on the ground, disappointed by Vinicius.

"I reacted like that because I was sad that after doing the most difficult thing, he did not conclude this action with a goal. I would have been so happy that Vini scored that goal, he deserved it." Sergio Ramos, Press conference, 03/2021.

"I fell to the ground because it hit me so hard inside. Every time Vini plays, he gives everything he's got. He had a great name and as soon as we met on the bench, I told him so." Sergio Ramos, Mixed zone, 03/2021.

"It was a close call, but the most important thing is that I won. I have to keep improving, but I'm happy with our victory. I am sure I will score next time." Vinicius Jr, Mixed zone, 03/2021.

Fortunately, Vinicius made up for it by drawing a penalty.

"I'm a player with character. I miss things, but that doesn't stop me. That's what happened with the penalty. The defender thought I wasn't going to go but I went." Vinicius Jr, Mixed zone, 03/2021.

The penalty secured Real Madrid's victory over Atalanta which is why Zinedine Zidane didn't blame him for his huge miss.

"I'm pleased with him because he's the one who causes the penalty. With his speed, we know he can cause difficulties for any defender." Zinedine Zidane, Press conference, 03/2021.

Even Sergio Ramos ended up forgiving Vinicius Junior.

"They told me I played very well. When I give everything I got, I am always happy. I have to keep working, but what follows pleases me. I love big games." Vinicius Jr, Mixed zone, 03/2021.

Once again, Real Madrid stepped up it's game in a major event.

"Well, we played a great match. I think that we produced a complete performance from start to finish and when you have the feeling you played a good game from start to finish you are obviously happy, especially about the fact we are through to the quarters. From now on each time it is going to be more complicated and more difficult, we know that. Zinedine Zidane stated in a post-match briefing.

Zinedine Zidane appreciated the fact that they created so many opportunities and in this, Vinicius Junior is not for nothing.

"We are happy because we controlled the game in defense and in attack, we had a lot of opportunities to score. And I want to congratulate the players for the game they played." Zinedine Zidane stated in a post-match briefing.

Vinicius Junior's game perfectly sums up the kind of player he is. He is an unstoppable striker for the opposing defenders but he is also a very clumsy player when facing the net. Fortunately for him, this flaw can be fixed. At 20 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo was not a killer striker. He was a dribbling winger who didn't have incredible statistics. As he matures, Vinicius Junior will improve his scoring ability. He will then become a formidable player. Until Vinicius Junior reaches the top, Real Madrid still relies on its veteran players, Sergio Ramos, Luka Modric, Toni Kroos and Karim Benzema.

The fantastic four have largely contributed to the qualification of Real Madrid.

Real Madrid can dream of lifting the cup and the championship.

"Yes, we are going to go for it. Why I don't consider it impossible? Because we are here to achieve exactly that. We are going to try. We know it is going to be difficult, complicated but we are going to fight. We are alive in both competitions. What I can tell you today is that we have to enjoy it." Zinedine Zidane stated in a post-match briefing.

The past has shown us that we should never be so quick to bury Real Madrid.

Source: Press conference, Mixed zone, Real Madrid news.

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