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Mind Blowing: Pictures Of Messi And Ronaldo that will change your mindset about there being rivals.

Ronaldo and Messi are the most popular footballers of our time. Both are highly known for their outstanding styles, and awards. In the world of football they have placed a very great remark, that it could be very hard to find, out someone who is talking about football without mentioning their names.

Most times people say that Messi and Ronaldo are rivals in the soccer business, which is why you hardly or never find them share greetings or sit closer at any award giving soccer events that they both attended.

Sometimes it's good to always do some findings before we start judging issues, that's why this write up is to enlighten those saying Messi and Ronaldo are never seen sitting close at events to rethink. Debate will ensue for years about who the better player is, and while recent performances may lead some to believe that Messi or Ronaldo are the world's best.

Yes, indeed they might be seen as rivals and world's best in the world of football today, but that doesn't mean they hate on each other. 

Now, Below are some of their pictures, seen happily staying closer and exchanging greetings at events.

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