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Opinion: Suspending Mike Dean over his errors cannot placate the wrongs done to Arsenal

In the English premier league, the introduction of the Video Assistant Referee VAR has done almost nothing to stem the controversial decisions in the League.

There are some instances that the computerized referee has shown, and made verdicts that doesn't contradict the obvious happenings. Other times, some of it's decisions have been clearly partial and biased. This is because one team could be favoured by a VAR decision and that same action will be unfavorable for another team.

In the end, it's all down to the official at the Middle to make the final decision. Regardless of what the VAR shows, the final decision is made by the centre referee. Some of these referee enjoys the attraction and attention that comes with making controversial decisions.

For example, the referee that officiated Chelsea clashes against Liverpool and Brentford. The global Chelsea Fan base believes that Anthony Taylor has an agenda against Chelsea and always make decisions that are not just unfavorable to Chelsea, but also biased against Chelsea.

Mike Dean is another premier league referee that always make controversial decisions. Hardly will the sides involved whenever Mike Dean officiate will leave the pitch without having one complaint or another. At times, even the side that won will still complain about the decisions of Mike Dean.

The England international officiated Arsenal's clash against Crystal Palace at Emirates Stadium on Monday. Some of his decisions weren't just controversial, they were obvious errors that he committed. During the first half of the game, Crystal Palace Midfielder James McActhur made two cynical tackles in order to thwart Arsenal's counterattack.

He was supposed to have received a yellow card as warnings of his rough tackles but he escaped unscathed. He appeared to have outdone himself by kicking Bukayo Saka's leg.

The aftermath of McArthur's tackle on Bukayo Saka made the Arsenal academy graduate to walk off the pitch with injury in the First half while Mike Dean only gave the offender a yellow card.

The rules are clear, that kind of tackle should have warranted a yellow card and a subsequent Red Card but James McActhur only get a warning.

While speaking at a Press Conference ahead Arsenal's League clash with Aston Villa, Mikel Arteta was asked if Arsenal is taking any step regarding the decision that Mike Dean made during their last League clash.

According to Daily Cannon, Mikel Arteta said: "We had communication with the referees and the association to try to explain why they didn’t intervene in that action. The explanation we had at the start of the season is that they would intervene when there is an obvious error there.They need to take action, and they didn’t. These actions determine a football match and the result, and for me it’s unacceptable."

There's no certainty on what decision the referee association will make but suspension can't be taken off the table. Mike Dean could be taken off duty this weekend but that's highly impossible.

Remember that he was taken off duty back in February following controversial decisions in two league matches involving West Ham United against Fulham and Manchester United against Southampton.

Although Mike Dean missed some Matches, he wasn't suspended. He was just not allowed to officiate because of the death threats he received on social media.

Even if Mike Dean is to be suspended, it won't do any good to Arsenal. The deed has been done already, Arsenal have lost three points at home and Bukayo Saka has been injured. Suspending Mike Dean doesn't in any way placate Arsenal.

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Content created and supplied by: AminullahiMuritala (via Opera News )

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