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Top 6 Accessories Every Man Should Have

Accessories are a very important part of clothing. They have a way of defining an individual's style if properly used. Below are some accessories that every man should have to amplify his style: 

1. Rings

Every classy man married or not deserves a gorgeous ring. A fashion ring should not be flashy so that it doesn't attract more attention than necessary. At the same time, it shouldn't be too plainso that it can make a statement. It should be moderate in size and design so as to compliment the outfit perfectly. And yes, it doesn't have to be silver or gold in colours, other masculine colours that blend with the outfit is sufficient to make a statemen

2. Socks

Socks are the new trends in 2021. It's not just because everyone sees them so, but because they are. If you are observant, you will notice how some guys tend to use socks to show their support for their football clubs. For example, a fan of Chelsea football club will most times wear a blue pair of socks with his outfits to show he is with the blues. In some parts of the world, socks are the trending way to make donations to the needy and homeless so that they can keep warm while staying safe.

3. Wallets

Asides from holding money and other smaller items such as ID cards, ATM cards and perhaps keys (depending on the design and size), owing a wallet is a great way to add some statement to your outfit especially business casual and casuals. Leather wallets in black, brown and oxblood colours often do the magic needed to any colour of outfit. 

4. Bags

Bags are great for holding items, making you look sharp and organized. A leather bag, however, adds more style to your outfit. For a more corporate or official work setting, use a briefcase instead of a cross or strap bag.

5. Eyewear

Good glasses, whether recommended or not can spice up your outfit. However, when choosing eyewear, consider the shape of your face as this can make a great difference in how fashionable you look in them. For example, round faces may need rectangular shaped glasses to balance up while faces with jaw dropped may look better in round-shaped glasses.

6. Scarves

The use of a scarf can be a bit tricky but very stylish if used. A scarf thrown around your neck with your outfit during cold weather or rainy season can give it a pop of colour and style. Choosing the right colours to fit your outfit is therefore the rule of the game. 

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