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5 Times Coaches Lost Their Minds With Their Players In The Premier League

On many occasions, Coaches have fought or got angry with their own players, famous coach, Sir Alex Ferguson once threw a shoe at Beckham after Manchester United lost a match.

(1)Jose Mourinho & Paul Pogba:

Having bought Paul Pogba for a record transfer, it seemed that the duo were a match made from heaven, but their relationship became sour. The turning point came when Pogba publicly criticised Mourinho defensive tactics.

Paul Pogba criticised Mourinho by saying "when we are at home, we should attack, attack, attack. That's Old Trafford." Following this statement, Jose Mourinho stripped Pogba of his Vice Captainship role.

(2)Mario Balotelli & Roberto Mancini:

Mario is not the easier player to mange. Jose Mourinho once spoke of a time when he spent the entire half-time break asking Mario not to get sent-off, but by the 46th minute, Mario Balotelli was shown a red card.

During a training session, Roberto Mancini became outraged with Mario. Mancini had instructed the players to take it easy with G. Clichy who was returning from injury, but Mario ignored this and after a heavy tackle, the player and the manger got into a physical confrontation.

(3)Maurizio Sarri & Kepa:

Chelsea had done a brilliant job to keep Manchester City at bay in the 2019 Carabao Cup final, but during the extra-time, Kepa complained of an injury and he wasted some time, prompting the manager to make a change. With the game leading to a penalty shootout, this seemed like a good idea, but as the substitution was made, Kepa refused to budge, Maurizio momentarily stormed out of the stadium and Chelsea lost the shootout.

(4)Pep Guardiola & Yaya Toure:

During their time together at FC Barcelona, these two did not have a great relationship, so Pep sold Yaya to Manchester City, but after some time, Pep got a job to be the new coach of Manchester City.

When Pep arrived at Manchester City, history repeated itself. Guardiola and Yaya had an argument, this time, Guardiola was unhappy with Yaya's weight, something that the Manger was strict about.

(5)Phil Brown & Hull City Squad:

In 2008, Hull City were losing 4-0 to Manchester City at half-time, it was going to take something drastic to turn the results around. Rather than return to the dressing room at half-time, Phil Brown, sat his players down on the pitch in front of the whole fans and he lectured them, but they still lost the match.

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