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What breaks the fast and what does not

Kissing and hugging doesn't break the Fast (if it doesn't lead to any sexual arousal)

Masturbation breaks the Fast

Applying Henna doesn't break the Fast

Sexual intercourse breaks the Fast

Donating blood breaks the Fast

Using Toothpaste or Mouth wash does not break the Fast

Applying perfumes doesn't break the Fast

Nutritional injection breaks the Fast

Swimming does not break the Fast (but it should be avoided while Fasting)

Vomiting doesn't break the Fast (except if done intentionally)

Having Wet dreams doesn't break the Fast

Accidentally drinking or eating while Fasting

doesn't break the Fast

Menstruation breaks the Fast

Any kind of Bleeding doesn't break the Fast except if it's Menstruation

Cursing, shouting, lying, telling tales, falsely testifying, listening to music doesn't break the Fast (but all these should be avoided)

Any intoxicant breaks the Fast

Tasting food doesn't break the Fast (it is permissible for the one preparing the meal to taste the food using the tip of the tongue while taking precaution of not swallowing anything)

JazakaAllahu Khayr as you read and also share this as SADQA AJ JARIYA for all of us.

May Allah accept our deeds and make us preventive from HIS anger and punishment (Aamin). Ramadan Kareem!

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