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The Secrets Behind Wrestling Exposed

1. Sign X:

Sign X not D Generation X's taunt adopted by Triple H, is a safety symbol that can literally save a person's life. Saving a person's life here does not mean people or audiences, but rather the wrestler who put themselves at risks/ dangers all in the name of entertainment so as to please each of us the audiences.

It is very clear to us that the referee sometimes make the match unique with their various checkups on the superstars selling to the audience that the Superstar's are fatigued as the case may be. But in cases of real injury, the referee would know by:

*. Indication from the Superstars:

The referee can tell clearly if a superstar is extremely injured by squeezing the hand of the Superstars while they lie flat on the floor. To us the audience, it may look like normal squeeze, but if the referee squeezes and the Superstar don't squeeze back, it's a real time injury. Thus, the referee would signify wwe crews who are also watching, with the X sign.

*. Superstar Indication:

The referees aren't geniuses or mind readers so, they can't tell if a superstar is genuinely injured. However, it's left for the Superstar(s) to indicate or draw the attention of the referee but, how?

Well, from various reports and slow motioned videos, it is found out that the Superstars indicate with their facial expression. If a superstar doesn't frown after a move or weapon attack then, the hardcore can continue. But if he does frown, it's a sign of severe injury or pain endured and so, the referee would use the sign, X.

2.John Cena vs Randy Orton:

It's been over 3 decades now and the WWE has made no sign of revealing any of their secrets.

However, one did accidentally reveal during a match between the company's biggest shots then, Cena and Randy Orton. The match did go on as a five star match should, until Randy Orton performed his signature Reverse Neckbreaker on John Cena at Hell in a Cell. The secret revealed a razor blade which fell from the hand of Cena after the move. Randy then pinned, but was of no use whilst the referee quickly picked up the blade after the kick out.

According to sites responsible for the analysis of professional wrestling, the WWE intended that one of them bleed during the match, but it is still unclear if why they did not bleed is because Cena lost the Razor blade from the reversed neckbeaker causing the referee to take.

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