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3 Reasons Why Anthony Joshua Might Lose If He Comes To WWE

On Thursday, superstar boxer and Nigerian-British, Anthony Joshua, indicated interesting in wrestling for the WWE when his boxing career is over. He said he was motivated to do it because Muhammad Ali had a short stint with the professional wrestling company, and is even a member of the WWE Hall of Fame.

"I'm gonna do WWE because that's what Muhammad Ali done," Joshua said. "So I'm gonna do WWE."

While Anthony Joshua has had massive success in the world of boxing, if he transitioned to professional wrestling, would he still have the same amount of success? I don't think so. In fact, I believe he might even have less.

While the WWE might push him at first because of his celebrity status, and while they might even use the fact that he is a former boxer to build storylines, it will not be feasible for the long-term. Here are three reasons why I believe Anthony Joshua might fail in the WWE.

1) Professional wrestling is more than fighting

Yes, in a boxing match, all you had to do was beat your opponent up, but it's very different in a professional wrestling match. Professional wrestling involves so much more than just fighting; it involves telling a story and entertaining an audience. Kurt Angle, one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all times once said something like, winning or losing in professional wrestling does not matter; what matters is putting up a great show. A great show involves much more than fighting a match. There's also the cutting a promo (the part where you hold a mic and stand in the ring and talk). There's the selling of a move. There's the character development of a storyline. Would Anthony Joshua be able to withstand all these aspects of professional wrestling? Does he have the charisma to carry a crowd and make them eat from his hands like The Miz, Seth Rollins or Alexa Bliss have? Would he be able to sell a move like Chris Jericho or Drake Maverick? Can he undergo character development of a storyline like Roman Reigns? I don't believe so.

2) The politics

I wonder if he would be able to withstand the massive amount of politics in professional wrestling. For example, take what is happening with the superstars from NXT. First Aleister Black debuted, and he was the biggest star for Vince McMahon; he was the future of the WWE. Then Vinnie got bored and brought in Keith Lee from NXT. It lasted for a couple of months and now, Damian Priest is the new next big thing. Sure, Anthony Joshua has the good looks and beautiful body to be able to attract any eye as the face of the WWE, but would he be able to rise above burial if Vince McMahon gets bored of him and the whole "former boxer" gimmick doesn't bring the money into the WWE anymore? Does he have the resilience of The Miz, that was once a joke and looked down on in the WWE, but stayed put until he became relevant? Does he?

3) The rigorous routine

I'm no boxing fan so don't quote me here, but don't boxers have an easier route as compared to professional wrestlers? While boxers might compete for like one fight in two months, professional wrestlers fight at least once every single week, and I'm not even counting the times before COVID-19, when the wrestlers would go for tours and house shows. They could end up wrestling like 3 times a week. Imagine taking bump after bump after bump every single week, when you were used to an easy schedule of a fight in two months, or less; imagine what it would do to your body. That's where injuries come to play, and even if the WWE would want to use his celebrity status to sell tickets and propel him to the top, a single injury can destroy all their plans, and leave the WWE creative department in a fix, not knowing what to do with you, and this will lead to your slow freefall down the mountain, into irrelevance. If you don't believe me, just ask Finn Balor and Sin Cara (the first Sin Cara because there were other people wearing the Sin Cara mask as the WWE trademarked the name and didn't want their creation to waste).

My point is, people should stop thinking professional wrestling is easy just because it's a scripted sport, or because they were once in the combat sports and they think they would just fit in. It's not as easy as it looks. If Anthony Joshua doesn't study the industry very well, he might fail terribly in the professional wrestling business.

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