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This Is The World Most Expensive Football Player

Neither Ronaldo or Messi is the most expensive footballer in the world.

I know most of you would probably think that the best players in the world are supposed to be the most expensive. True, it supposed to be so on a normal day, but some players are just too valuable even though they don't carry the best player trophy. Another reason a player could be very expensive depends on the club and his value.

Now let's look at Messi. We all know that he is a very talented player, winning the best player trophy six good times and being ahead of his football rival (Ronaldo) with just one trophy, but why isn't he the most expensive player due to this value.

This is the reason:

Leonel Messi since he started his football career as being just in one club. He has no records of signing transfers and he has always played for his first club Barcelona. So he doesn't stand the chance being expensive because he has never been bought by another club yet.

Even Cristiano Ronaldo, the rival of Leonel Messi, though has played in 5 clubs, and being one of the best players in the world is not also the most expensive.

This leaves us to be big question now;

Who is the world most expensive football player in the world?

Note: This is fact and it's gotten from a very reliable source.

Neymar is currently the most expensive footballer in the world, the transfer record was set by the transfer of Neymar from his former Barcelona, where he played with Messi, to Paris Saint-Germain for €222 million (£198 million) in August of 2017. Since then no other footballer in the world has being able to surpass that amount.

The fact the Nemyar has not won any trophy yet as the world best footballer doesn't mean he is not capable. Y'all will agree with me that he is a very complete player, he has speed, reflexes, incredible skills and perfect finishing.

Neymar is the most expensive player in the history of football.

This is a very honorable record to hold. It goes a long way to tell that this player has value and a big potential for being traded at this expensive amount.

He is the most expensive footballer in the world and he deserves respect.

Any Neymar fan here!!!! Let's be proud of him 💓😇

Let me know what you think about Neymar in the comment section below.

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