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5 Outfield Players Who Wore The Weirdest Squad Numbers.

The traditional squad numbers in football normally fall within the range of 1 to 99, with the number 1 almost exclusively reserved for the goalkeepers, although they are allowed to wear other numbers.

However, despite these traditions, there are some outfield players who have broken these norms and wore very unusual jersey numbers.

1. Ivan Zamorano

Photo Credit: Real Soccer Facts

Former Chile and Inter Milan striker, Ivan Zamorano, had at a point wore a very unusual jersey number during his playing days.

The Chilean wore a number most football fans would agree to be weired, the number was "1+8".

The reason for wearing that weired jersey number was because when Inter signed Roberto Baggio, the player wanted the number 10 jersey which was already assigned to Ronaldo.

Inter took the number 10 jersey from Ronaldo and gave it to Baggio, they then assigned Zamorano's number 9 jersey to Ronaldo.

The Chilean refused to wear another jersey number, but the kit man at Inter Milan had a brilliant idea and decided to add the plus sign between the 1 and 8 on Zamorano's jersey, therefore making him mathematically a number 9 striker.

2. Hicham Zerouali

Photo Credit: Pinterest and

Hicham Zerouali was the first and only player in football to wear the number "0" on his jersey during his time at Aberdeen.

The player who was nicknamed "The Moroccan magician" and "Zero", took his second nickname too seriously when he started wearing the number 0 on his back.

He wore it for a season, before the Scottish FA decided to ban it the following season.

3. Edgar Davids

Photo Credit: Sportsbible

Former Dutch international, Edgar Davids, who signed up for Barnet FC on a player-manager role decided to take the number 1 jersey at the start of the 2013/2014 season, stating that he wanted to start a trend.

4. Derek Riordan

Photo Credit: Daily Express and Daily Record

Derek Riordan caused a stare when he opted to wear an unconventional jersey number on his back upon his return to Hibernian.

His favorite number 10 jersey had already been assigned to a teammate and Riordon decided to take a mirror image of that number which was 01.

5. Victor Perales

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Mexican defender, Victor Perales, was given a very unusual squad number on his first season at Deportivo Guadalajara.

He wore the number 143, which I must confess is very strange in football.

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