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Powerful Badass quotes

In life, it is very common to have Haters and even more when you are successful. While some attack verbally, others do with their actions. Here are some GRAND responses to shut them up and live them dried out

1. Every one wants to be a BEAST, till it's time to do what BEASTS do.

2. I AM motivated by the FEAR of being AVERAGE.

3. It is BETTER to be a LONELY lion, than a POPULAR sheep.

4. I am the CEO of my life, I HIRE, FIRE and PROMOTE accordingly.

5. I don't worry about those who talk behind my back, they are behind me for a reason.

6. The QUESTION isn't who is going to LET me; it's who is going to STOP me.

7. I will go ANYWHERE as long as it's FORWARD.

8. Don't COME back when you REALIZED that I'm rare.

9. I am WHO I am; I never said to LIKE me.

10. THROW me to the wolves and I WILL return leading the PACK.

11. I will WIN. Not immediately, but DEFINITELY.

12. I don't CARE what you think ABOUT me, I don't think about YOU at all.

13. I would rather die on my FEET than LIVE on my KNEES.

14. Do WHAT they aren't willing to DO and you will get what THEY will never have.

15. Some PEOPLE dream of SUCCESS while I wake up and WORK for it.

16. I COULD be so attached and still LEAVE you. I want you, I don't NEED you.

What is your favorite BADASS Quotes?

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