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FIFA World Cup

Has VAR improved football or did it make it worse?

Since the introduction of the Video assistant reference in the Russian 2018 world cup, there have been mixed reactions concerning its effectiveness in the game of football. Before the VAR technology was introduced in the world cup and subsequently in the major leagues around the world, several critics claimed it that it wouldn't improve the game and may actually make it worse.

In the two years since its introduction, there has been more than a handful of controversial decisions made with the assistance of VAR. From fractional offsides to debatable penalties. Some claim that VAR only supports big teams.

Despite the negative reviews, we have to appreciate what VAR has done for football. First, it has brought to light new discussions about offside rules, how severe punishment should be for fouls and so on.

Refrees can now go home with a cleaner conscience since they can call on a second opinion during the game.

Also, defenders are weary of the fact that their tackles are under more scrutiny than ever so they're learning to execute tackles more effectively and this may help to protect players from more dangerous tackles resulting in less injuries.

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