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Top 10 highest goal scorers of all time, Pele isn't no 1.

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When goals are mentioned, Pele is king. Is he the highest scorer ever? No! Pele and Maradona are arguably the best players of all time, but Maradona isn't among the top ten highest scorers ever.

Let me start from number ten.

10. Arthur Friendenrich, the Brazilian scored 557 goals.

9. Tulio Maravilha 575 goals.8. Ferenc Deak +576 goals 7. Lionel Messi 728 goals, matches played 921, goal ratio 0.79 6. Gerd Muller 735 goals 793 matches played 0.93 goal ratio.5. Ferenc Puskas +746 goals, 754 games played, 0.99 goal ratio. 4. Christiano Ronaldo 750 goals, 1044 games played, goal ratio 0.723. Pele. I have to clear some things concerning Pele, many believe he scored +1000 goals, but his official goals are 767. His total goals plus friendlies and unofficial goals are above 1000, but his official goals are 767. He played 831 games and has a goal ratio of 0.92 2. Romario, 772 goals, 994 games, 0.78 goal ratio. 1. Josef Bican +805 goals, +530 goals. His goal ratio is 1.52 His total goals with unofficial goals are 1468 goals, but we are considering the official goals only.

If we are to rank them according to goal ratio, they will be

1. Josef Bican 1.52

2. Ferenc Puskas 0.99

3.Gerd Muller 0.93.

With the way things are going, Ronaldo and Messi will still move up, considering the current forms of the two Ronaldo seems to continue to be prolific at his age, there are probabilities Messi may not perform too good over the next years. Information was updated on July 6th 2020. Information is from Wikipedia.

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