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The woman with world's longest nails cuts them after nearly 30 years

Ayanna Williams of Houston Texas in America, holds the record of world's longest nails since 2017. But Williams has decided to cut them off after almost 30 years. Her nails had a measurement of 9 feet tall in 2017, and a measurement of 24 feet tall (733.55 centimeters) before they were cut off yesterday, April 7.

Ayanna Williams before her finger nails were cut with an electric rotary tool, said she was not able to do many house activities with those nails, like washing her clothes and other things.

"I have this thing that I do with children when they come up to me and they ask, 'are those your nails?, and 'I do reply yeah'. I will now go on to ask them 'how old are you', and they say, 'I'm ten or I'm seven', and I say 'guess how old my nails are?, 'They are like 28 or 29 years!, They are older than you!.

After her finger nails were cut off, in Fort Worth, Texas, Ayanna Williams went ahead to say that, 'with or without my nails, I will still be the queen because my nails don't make me, I make my nails.

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