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Reasons Why Football Is The Best Sport In The World.

It has been estimated that over 250 million people plays and watch Football all over the world.

Football has been considered the best sport in the world.

Do you know why?

1. Others sport are Motivated by the way Football Coaches Do:

The work of a Coach is to analyse, coordinate and win matches for their respective clubs.

The reason why other sports are motivated by football coaches is because of their coordination, their training session, and the way their coaches calls for play during a Live match.

2. It is Not Expensive:

It is not expensive compare to other sports.

For example, Polo Sport is quite expensive because you will need an horse to play the sport. And horse is not cheap it is quite expensive, The cost of maintaining the horse is also expensive.

But, Football is cheap, apart from buying your Equipment like your Soccer boot, jersey,and hose.

It is not as expensive as other sports in terms of money spent on Equipment.

3. Popularity: The people or spectators following football has made it the best.

Simply because,if people of over 250 million can be watching football, it means there is something spectacular about the sport that other sports don't have.

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