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See the players who have scored the most own goals in football history

 This is the only ranking where Phil Jones beats CR7 and Messi, the highest amount of own goals in football history. But which player has scored the most goals in his own net?

Wes Brown and Rio Ferdinand

Wes Brown and Rio Ferdinand are part of this secret. Brown has scored 6 goals against his own team in his career, that’s an own goal scoring record of 1 every 51 matches.

Rio Ferdinand has also got 6 own goals to his name.

Jamie Carragher

Across the road, Jamie Carragher developed this skill too. Carragher netted 7 own goals over his career for the Reds, even scoring twice for Man United in the 1999 FA Cup. To err is human and after all he is Carragh-ERR but he’s not the only player to score twice in a derby.

Mikel San Jose

It happened to Mikel San Jose, the Athletic Bibao Legend against Real Sociedad, San Jose scored a brace but in the wrong net.

Riccardo Ferri

The Premier League has a vast array of own-goal scorers but Serie A is home to two of the biggest net-busters in football.

Riccardo Ferri was a no-nonsense center back at Inter Milan. He retired having scored eight own goals and only 6 goals for his team so a minus two goal differential.

Franco Baresi

Milan’s legend Franco Baresi had a nose for goal too. He scored 7 against his team but lifted every cup with them.

Richard Dunne

But there can only be one goat when it comes to own goals and it’s Manchester City’s Richard Dunne. Dunne holds the Premier League record for it, having scored an incredible 10 times in his own goal.

Taps ins and headers, Dunne perfected his finishing skills in scoring the own goals. Maybe they should have given him a chance up front?

The World Cup has seen only 53 own goals since 1930, no edition has seen more than Russia 2018. Twelve own goals, even the final of the World cup was opened with an own goal.

No other own goal was more crucial than Escobar’s in USA 1994. Colombia played the hosts and lost due to an unlucky own goal.

After being disqualified, Escobar was killed for his error. At that time, Colombia was run by most violent drug cartel. Thankfully, this is an isolated case in football’s history.

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