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3 Challenging Things That Could Have Stopped Cristiano Ronaldo From Becoming A Superstar Today

With 794 goals registered coupled with 34 silverwares won so far, Cristiano Ronaldo has been an epitome of success in world football. But while many will always live to rever and draw inspiration from him, very few are aware of the obstacles the Portugese International overcame on his way to greatness. Perhaps If things had gone in the opposition direction, the world wouldn't have even known him in the first place, but in all he survived and today he is a superstar.

Come along with me as I share with you three challenging things Cristiano Ronaldo faced that could have prevented him from becoming a top footballer today.

1- Nearly Aborted By His Mother

In her 2014 autobiography, Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother revealed how close she came to having an abortion when pregnant with the Portuguese superstar. According to sources, she said that the doctors will not allow her go through with the procedure before expressing gratitude that God didn't punish her for attempting to deny Ronaldo the chance to be born. She further stated that her reason for nearly terminating Ronaldo's pregnancy was due to family struggles, her husband's alcoholism and the fact that she already had too many children to handle.

Different Photos Of Cristiano Ronaldo As A Child

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2- A Heart Condition

After surviving a near abortion, at age 15, Ronaldo was diagnosed with a racing heart, a condition that could have forced him to give up football. But after undergoing surgery, doctors found a way to fix his problem and he was allowed to return to playing again.

3- Poverty

This was another major challenge that Ronaldo encountered in his childhood. For this singular reason, his mother nearly aborted him and because of it, he had to beg for free burgers to eat at a certain Mcdonald's restaurant as a hungry kid after football practice. During an exclusive interview in 2019, the 36 year old revealed that he grew up in an impoverished Catholic home sharing a room with all his siblings.

Photo of Ronaldo Sweeping The Street As A Kid

Needful to say that had Ronaldo's mother succeeded in aborting him, the world wouldn't have had the chance to know him at all, just as his heart condition could have killed his dreams of becoming a professional footballer. While it is true that nobody is responsible for being born poor, such cannot be said of a person who lives his or her whole life in penury, the Portugese had nothing growing up, but due to his sheer hunger, perseverance and determination to change his story, he gave everything to become who he is today.

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