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You Will Surely Love To See These - 70 Funny Pictures That Will Really Make Your Day

Pictures are really some of the things that spice up someone's daily life. You can imagine where you are reading a news without seeing the pictures in it, seems boring? Yes! This might be your answer.

While you're scrolling up and down the news without seeing those pictures associated or related with the new that you're reading, it's surely a boring condition especially if it's caused by not having data to read or unavailability of the user network service provider.

Also there are certain pictures which tends to spice up one's mood to laughter. This is nothing but funny pictures. These are the pictures which will be eager to help you laugh away your sorrows. I hope after reading this, you will surely be laughing out yourself which might even attract your neighborhood.

If you're asked why, tell them that Opera News is the best place to get your daily news of all kinds and you desired to lower your tension by seeking out funny pictures in the platform and currently it's making your day looks nice.

These are some of the funny pictures I have brought for you guys today. Laugh and forget your sorrows but please don't forget to follow, like and show how much you're entertained by the pictures by commenting.

When You think that you will carry the Champions League but Liverpool dash you 4-0

When You know that you will not pay your debt again

Satan must go by fire by force

When your woman wants your money by fire by force

When You want to protect yourself from corona virus

That I am in a private jet doesn't mean that I don't have any worries again

When masquerade got arrested for violating Covid 19 rules

How many years do you think this marriage will last?

I need my Penalty to win my match please!!!

When you're being consoled by him

When you're confused if he's Ronaldo or Messi

When your Village name represent another deeper thing

After coming back to your Hostel thinking that it's a one month Vacation thing, hahahaha!!!

When You decide to send a girl money to visit you and she defrauds you

This ice cream Man needs justice for abuse haha!

When the world is coming to an end

When You want to act as a black Angel

When You think that you can misbehave in a Nigerian Stadium.

This brother is seriously hiding away from them ooh

Who is the real cheater here? Hahahaha

This is very serious ooh


When You have beat Chelsea three times in a season and you will meet them again this weekend

If you think you're having a bad day, remember this player hahahaha

Monkey poses for a snap

Chelsea fans rejoicing after Obafemi equalizer

Chelsea looking at how Manchester United will make top four

When you're beating in final

When You refuse to stop gossiping

When you are having a bad day in office

The King of Football

When you decide to spend wisely

When school gate becomes symbolic

African mom will tell you to choose one of them

Hahahaha ultimate protection

Hahahaha modern toilets

When you decide to drink during the wedding of your debtor

Brother is still crying profusely hahahaha

Please stay safe, Zlatan has been avoiding Corona virus since, wear your face mask.

When a beautiful lady pass

Be careful!

How some ladies force their self on rich guys

When you want to reach Lagos in a day from your village

Hahahaha when you're heartbrokened for love

You think you can scam me, take it!

Were you really entertained from the beginning to the end? Drop your comments below.

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