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See What Antetokounmpo Did To Honour Nigeria and His Late Father

Please like, comment share and follow.Football has once again proven to be more than just a sports, as a young Nigerian-American currently based in the United States of America decided to pay homage to the Nigerian National Team and his late father, who was a former football player for the Nigerian Super Eagles. He showed his respect using his signature shoe "Nike Air Zoom Freak 2 Naija" that was endorsed by the popular Nike brand and Nike even released a video hyping Nigeria and the shoe.

Meet the Nigerian superstar basketball player Giannis Antetokounmpo, popularly knows as "The Greek Freak" in the NBA, this is because he was raised in Greece by his Nigerian parents and he has a long and athletic body. He learnt how to play football from his late father before he became a basketball player.

Giannis is not just an ordinary basketball player, he is the current MVP (Most Valuable Player) in the NBA and he used his signature shoe to show his respect to our National team and his late father.

Why he did it:

Although, he was born and raised in Greece by his Nigerian parents, they raised him to be aware of his Nigerian root and origin, his father also used football to bond with him and his brothers while they were growing up. He recently revealed that he is a huge fan of football and that his favourite football club was Arsenal F.C. He used the colours and patterns in the Nigerian National Team jersey, designed by Nike to design his own signature shoe.

See more photos of his shoe:





Finally, I think that Giannis has challenged his fellow Nigerians out there, that distance is not a barrier for them to do something good for our great country Nigeria.

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