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Top 5 Most Common Injuries That Football Players Suffer Most

Football and injuries can not be separated because football is a contact sport. Football players focus on winning matches for their teams but they also have to deal with various kinds of injuries. In this article, our focus will be on the top 5 most common injuries that football players suffer most.

Top 5 Most Common Injuries That Football Players Suffer Most:

1. Sprained Ankle Injury:

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This form of injury ranks among the most common injuries in football. This form of injury is a big issue in football because of the nature of the game. Football is a fast-paced sport and sprained ankle injury will always be an issue.

Sprained ankle injury takes place when the ligaments that connect the bones of the leg to the foot suffer a tear. In most cases, sprained ankle injury occurs when the muscle is overstretched. Footballers have to be exposed to some mean tackles from their opponents and these heavy tackles can cause a tear which leads to a sprained ankle injury.

Even though a sprained ankle injury can look not too serious, some players require the help of crutches to walk around until the injuries heal properly. Professional footballers often require fast treatment and rehabilitation so that the effects of the sprained ankle injury do not become permanent.

2. Achilles Tendon Rupture:

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This is another common injury that players often suffer in the course of their careers. Achilles tendon rupture is also caused by a tear, however, the tear occurs in the muscle-tendon. Achilles tendon rupture can be caused when the muscle-tendon is stretched. Simply put, Achilles tendon rupture is caused when too much pressure is mounted on the muscle-tendon.

Footballers often sustain this injury through hard tackles or bad falls. Anything that mounts too much pressure on the muscle-tendon or stretches it beyond its capacity can lead to Achilles tendon rupture. In some cases, the affected footballer only needs quick treatment. However, if the situation is serious, the player might need surgery.

3. Hernia and Groin Strains:

Photo Credit: WikiHow Fitness

This type of injury is common among players. Hernia and groin strains are caused when a footballer experiences any form of stress in the pelvic region of the body. This injury is common among footballers because players can sustain it while on the run, when trying to kick the ball, or when trying to tackle.

Hernia and groin strains occur when the abductor muscle of the inner thighs is stretched. Any player that sustains this form of injury will find it difficult to move and playing football will be extremely difficult. Players are expected to recover from this type of injury, however, medical treatment is highly recommended.

4. Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury:

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Among all the injuries in this top 5 list, the anterior cruciate ligament injury is the worst of them all. No footballer ever wants to experience this injury because it can damage a player's career. The anterior cruciate ligament injury damages the knees of footballers. This injury is difficult to recover from and requires surgery to treat.

In some cases, some footballers who recovered from this injury still experiences pain in their knees and there is some sort of changes in the movement of the affected player. For players who fully recover from this dreaded injury, it can take up to 2 years for affected player to recover. Although this injury is difficult to recover from, some footballers have fully recovered from it over the years.

5. Hamstring Injury:

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When it comes to the most common injuries among footballers, the hamstring injury is the king of common injuries. Most footballers have suffered hamstring injuries at some point in their careers. A hamstring injury occurs when one or more muscles located at the back of the thigh are stretched beyond the normal limits. Such a stretch can lead to a tear to the tendon which translates into a full-blown hamstring injury.

There are different types of a hamstring injury and each type depends on the extent of the damage sustained by the muscles located at the back of the thigh. Some hamstring injuries are not serious and the player only needs to rest his or her legs for a few days. Some hamstring injuries require some medical treatment and can last for weeks. Other forms of a hamstring injury can last for months and the player's ability to walk properly is often affected. The recovery time of any footballer depends on the severity of the hamstring injury.

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