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Ranking:Top 13 Ugliest Club Football Jerseys In History (Photo)

Many thanks to today's advanced technology, that has really helped in the designing of beautiful and acceptable football kits around the world.

Nevertheless, there are some football clubs, even in this 21 century that still find it difficult getting it right, especially when it comes to producing acceptable football kits for their teams and fans.

Having discovered, that most football fans and the general public, patronize only those kits that are of good quality design, produced by a few renowned soccer kits manufacturing companies. Its high time, other manufacturers and the club owners, double up their efforts and began to produce something good and acceptable.

This time, we are ranking the top 13 ugliest club soccer Jerseys in history, and this ranking was based on low quality design.

The ranking is as follows:-

13. Tottenham 1977 Kits

12. Reggina 2011-12 Kits

11. Liverpool 2013-14 Kits

10. 1860 Munich Kits

9. Hull City 1992-93 Kits

8. Chelsea 1994-95 Kits

7. Athletic Billbao 2004-05 Kits

6. Coventry City 1992-93 Kits

5. San Josh 1996 Kits

4. CD Palencia 2016-17 Kits

3. Colorado Caribous 1978 Kits

2. Norwich City 2016 Third Kits

1. Montpellier 2016-17 Kits

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