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"I'm Still Going To Beat You," Roman Reigns Tells His Cousin As They Hug!

Last night on SmackDown, Roman Reigns and his cousin Jey Uso, faced the team of Sheamus and King Corbin in a rematch from last week, but this time in a Samoan Street Fight.

This time, Roman Reigns actually stayed to help his cousin fight both of them. He started by declaring that SmackDown was still his yard, and he will still beat his cousin at Clash of Champions.

Though Roman and his cousin defeated Corbin and Sheamus and shared an embrace, the tension between them could still be felt, especially as their bout at Clash of Champions draws near.

There's no telling what Roman would do to his cousin, especially now that Roman's heel. He might want to make an example out of him, or maybe turn him heel too. The fascinating thing about this whole story is the fact that Roman has been the one doing the mic work. Paul Heyman is really not important in the whole mix. This shows that the heel turn of Roman Reigns was actually a good move, and he's a natural at this. I really hope their match at Clash of Champions lives up to all this build.

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