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Manchester United is not like before and the players priorities are somehow different unlike then

Being a Manchester United fan for decades now I can tell you why GG is a fallen hero that is not ready to raise. 

Indeed the mighty has fallen asleep and the problem is within. Any hardworking player you send to Manchester United will a matter of time disappoint reason is simple. 

Manchester United knows how to over hype there players: once a player start to show little potential the club and fans will make him feel so important to the extent pride will full his head, and instead of building his potential to perfection, how will start paparazzi around which will lead to the end of his carrier. 

Manchester United salary structure is too much, if you check the players in the club and there other teammates in other Clubs you will believe with me that the club pays high. Instead of delivery on the pitch, the players will forget about carrier and start clubbing and relaxing with fancy cars. 

Truth be told Manchester United squad is full of average players and even if the club brought in Star player, in a matter of time he will start relaxing which will lead to his deformation.

Buying expensive players is not the key to strong squad but determined ballers: Liverpool spent less wisely to get Mane, Sallah, Van and it changed everything. 

Maguire, Pogba, De France, Sanchez, didn't pay the money used to buy them. 

Though Bruno price is less he has the club at heart but others are just playing for the money waiting for their contract to finish to renew deal

If only Manchester United want to be back to glory 

They most enforce a thorough discipline in the club like other clubs. 

Let payments be based on performance not on fixed terms as a player lost form so should be his wages. 

Football club is not only about fun but someone business with that no player should be hyped above the club. 

Is disgusting to see your club cowardly drew in a die minutes 

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