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Shehu Sani explains how Nigerians behave towards one another in different circumstances

Senator Sheu Sani has broken down the actions or in this case reactions of many Nigerians in different circumstances, and I must say that he has hit the nail on it head.

To be point blank, the way we Nigerians act towards one another differs based on where we find ourselves or the circumstances we find ourselves in. Which is something we all need to think about it and change where necessary.

As broken down by Sheu Sani, here is how Nigerians act towards one another based on circumstances or situations.

1. We are one Nigeria when we meet Abroad.

Sheu Sani noted that when Nigerians find their way into other foreign nationals, the way they act towards another Nigerian is with cordial respect and acknowledgment, we behave as one Nigerian and look out for one another, most of the time.

It doesn't matter what part of Nigeria they come from, as long as they are from Nigeria, they see themselves as brothers and sisters.

But then, here is the irony which leads us to the second way Nigerians behave when at home.

2. Nigerians don't act united at home

Back in Ngeria, they don't act united, but rather they seem themselves based on the geographical area they are from.

That's when you would hear them point fingers at one another, you will hear them say, he is a northerner, oh she is from the south, they are from the east and I am from the West.

They forget we are one Nigeria and act based on where they are from.

This of course is a not a thing we Nigerians should be proud of, we should relate better with one another no matter where we come from.

3. We are one Nigeria when supper eagles are winning but divide after the match or we loose.

Truth be told, sport connect us all, when you are playing or watching, especially watching nigeria's match you will forget where you come from and you will relate well with others as you know that we all are in this together.

But then after the match, everyone is back to their own ways, then you hear people call themselves by their ethnic group.

Here is Sheu Sani original post 

others were added by me

It would be nice if we could all live together as one Nigeria, the same way we relate with one another when we found ourselves outside Nigeria or when watching super eagles win their matches, is the same way we should relate with one another on daily basis.

We are one Nigeria and let us give unity and peace a chance.

Feel free to share your own opinion.

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