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'He Slept On Cement Bed As A Kid, Now He's The Most Decorated Player' - Story Of Dani Alves

Sometimes, whenever when ever we look our present condition; we are in most cases usually tempted to quit, and I believe that after reading this article; your 'negative' perspective about life, will surely change:

Fig: A Younger and older Dani Alves

In an interview he once held with, Dani Alves pointed out the kind of place he grew up in and what he did before his rise to fame and I quote as thus:

"Right before every match, I had the same routine, I stand in front of a mirror for five minutes, then a movie begins to play in mind, its the movie of my life......In the first scene, I'm ten years old, I'm sleeping on a concrete bed at my family's tiny home in Juazeiro, Brazil"

"The mattress over the bed is as thick as your little finger, the house smells of wet soil and it's still dark outside, it's five in the morning and the sun has not risen, but I have to go help my father on the farm before school".

"We're probably too young to handle the toxins, but we help anyway, this is just our way of surviving, for hours I compete with my brother to see who can be the hardest worker, because whoever our father decided has helped him the most, gets to use our only bicycle".

"If I don't win the bicycle, I have to walk the 12 miles from our farm to my school, the walk back from school is even worse because the pickup football games in our neighborhood will start without me, so I run the 12 miles back and keep running until I get on the pitch".

"The screen fades to black, now I'm 13 and at this academy, for young footballers in a bigger town away from my family, there are a 100 kids packed into a small dormitory, it's kind of like a prison, after the first day of training, I go back to my room and I'm starving"

"We train all day and there's not enough food at the camp; somebody has stolen my clothes, I miss my family and I'm definitely not the best player, out of the 100, I'm maybe 51st in ability"

"So I make myself a promise, I tell myself you are not going back to the farm until you make your father proud; you might be 51st in ability, but you're going to be No.1 or 2, you're a going to be a warrior; you're not going back home, no matter what"

"And months later, here comes the man whose words changed my life...Sevilla are interested in signing you, do you know where that is?.....of course I know where Sevilla is, Seviii-llllll-aaaa I love it"

"This led me to winning the UEFA title twice, then Barcaelona, Pep Guardiola, Lionel Messi, and the Selecao, I came from no where, I'm here now, it's unreal but I'm here now!!.

So my dear audience; whatever you're going through hardwork and prayer, will surely pass away. If Dani Alves can become great in the future, you too are destined to be great.

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