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Sergio Ramos and his tattoo, here are their meanings

Do you know players have reasons for the their tattoos apart from aesthetics. In this article I highlight meanings from the tattoos on the legendary Spanish footballer, Sergio Ramos.

Ramos has approximately 42 tattoo drawn on him. But for the sake of simplicity, I have shrank them into sections. Let's go!



Lion on his back

This is basically a sign of strength which Ramos is known for.


Quote at the back of his neck

It reads, " A lion never loses over the opinion of sheep". This is likened to his tough style of football. He goes into any tackle with an ambitions to get the ball any how.


Unicorn and quote motivated by Mandela

It also comes with a quote from Madela's line in the movie, Invictus. It reads, " Thank God for my unconquerable soul. I am the master of my destiny.


Poem of direction

Perhaps that's his antidote whenever he's lost.


Star of David

It is not what you think. His mum was gifted a pendant of that shape by his grandmother. It depicts strength, wisdom, loyalty amongst other leadership trait.

Love for family


Mirian 4 Rene

Mirian is his sister's name while Rene is his brother's. 4 is his shirt number.



These faces belongs to Ramos' mother, Paqui and his sister, Mirian.


Quote for love

At the top, it shows, "God bless my family".

The writing at the top written in Spanish says, "Love to my family".


Name on hand

That's the name of one of his sons.


Football career


Numbers on the knuckles

When those numbers came up, his fans wondered what they mean. They thought it was just his previous shirt numbers, but it is not entirely true.

32 and 35 were his shirt numbers at Sevilla.

90+: the time he scored a injury time goal against Atletico Madrid in the champions league final.

19: made his official start for Spain on his 19th birthday.


Most important trophies

Champions league and FIFA world cup. These are obviously the dream of every footballer.


King and Venue

The box shows a king. While the words underneath are venues of his last champions league finals.

Libon 2014

Milano 2016

Cardiff 2017

Kiev 2018


Great header

This represent the header he scored against Atletico Madrid in one champions league final. His side won 4 - 1.


The pitch

What is football without the pitch?



A sign of accomplishment after he won the world cup with Spain in 2010.

Love for Religion


Mary and Jesus



This shows that his faith is Christianity.

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