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7 Facts about Cristiano Ronaldo you need to know.


His full name is Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro. Cristiano Ronaldo was named after one of his dad's favourite president. "Ronaldo Reagan" immediately after he was born.


When Cristiano Ronaldo was younger, the other athletic kids gave him the name "cry baby" because he was not willing to struggle hard to get the ball, each time they trained. Cristiano Ronaldo always allowed his competitive side get the better of him. He would say "pass the ball to me" then he would start crying.


Cristiano Ronaldo became a Manchester United legend but some of his team mates accused him of being a selfish player. At the age of 15, he had a heart operation. This fact was revealed recently but it's the truth

4. Manchester united awards

Cristiano Ronaldo as a superstar in Manchester United, won so many awards for himself and also for the club. Awards like, the premier league, FA cup, champions league and so many more.


Cristiano Ronaldo is the current most followed person on Instagram and Facebook, Ronaldo is a very good on social media.


Cristiano Ronaldo donates blood, he is a huge believer in donating blood that's why he avoids having any tattoos on his skin.


In 2007, Cristiano Ronaldo opened the cr7 museum, in the museum there are up to 125 trophies owned by Cristiano Ronaldo and says "it's a gift to his fans".

Did you know that Ronaldo had a face surgery?

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