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Messi is the G.O.A.T. see what Ronaldo did that Messi will never do.

As the battle of who is the greatest Player of all time rumble on, every details will be payed attention to. Be it a dribble completed, a goal of any kind scored, an assist made, or a reaction on a football pitch, all these will be banked on by journalist, fans, coaches, formal players, among others, in their assessment of who is the greatest player of all time. As a result of these, any record of misbehavior from either player, will come under great scrutiny.

Without doubt, beyond their footballing activities, Ronaldo and Messi, are arguably the most well behaved footballers of their generation. Although both have been shown a red card, a couple of times before in their career, with Ronaldo being sent of on 11 occasions, while Messi had received his matching order on 3 occasions, however none of it comes from a malicious or deliberate challenge.

Despite being among one of the most successful footballers the game has ever witnessed, there are some behaviors found in Ronaldo of late, which cannot be found in Messi and which doesn't characterize a great player. During the last international break, Ronaldo made the headline, after walking off the pitch before the referee blew the final whistle, after his shot, which has crossed the line and is meant to give Portugal a 3-2 victory was not given by the referee.

As if that was not enough, the Portuguese striker was pictured throwing his shirt away in Anger on Sunday, after his side 3-1 triumph against, Genoa, a game, Ronaldo failed to find the back of the night. His action was first judged as an act of venting frustration, before it was later clarified that the shirt was left for a ball boy. However, the remark made by head coach Andrea Pirlo, afterwards,suggested otherwise. While Speaking with Sky Sports, the Italian manager was quoted saying,  “It’s normal he wanted to score a goal, especially seeing that the match had turned out in a certain way," he further added that "It is part of the attitude of champions who always want to leave their mark."

In reality, if Ronaldo had wanted to give the shirt to the ball boy, he should have waited behind and hand it over to him. Throwing the jersey on the ground suggested otherwise. This is an act that won't be found in Lionel Messi.

In one of his interview, Guardiola, once said about Messi that he wondered what kind of mentality he had, that he doesn't feel the heat of the pressure. Messi's goal had been incorrectly chopped of before or was not given, he didn't walk off the pitch. He has played a number of matches where he was humiliated and didn't score a goal, like the 8-2 defeat at the hand of Bayern Munich, yet Messi didn't throw his Jersey away.

Indeed, a champion would always want to score a goal, but a true champion will celebrate team effort first before putting personal interest forward. On this note, it can be said that Ronaldo can't really control himself,when the heat of the occasions get to him, which doesn't characterize a great player.

With this, Messi is more complete and mature, which marks him out and unique, and one that is enough to earn him the title of Greatest player of all time.

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G.O.A.T. Messi


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