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You Think You Know Messi? Four Facts About Lionel Messi You Don't Know.

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Lionel Messi often refered to as the best footballer in the world has lived most of his life under the eyes of his fans....Below are 5 things you probably never knew about him.

(1) He Met His Wife At the Age of 5:

Messi met Antonella Roccuzzo when he was just five years old. She is the cousin of his best friend, Lucas Scaglia, Messi had to leave Antonella at the age of 13 back at his home town, Rosario, Argentina to join Barcelona academy in Spain...but as fate would have it the old flames of love never stopped burning.

(2) Messi's first football contract was signed on a "Paper Napkin".

You think you've seen it all, well don't be surprised..when scouts from Spain went to Rosario to find good players, well!! they didn't find Messi so amazing as we've known him to be over the years...he was brushed aside for looking so small and they all thought he could never become a professional footballer...but he did something wonderful which I'm going to mention in our next fact and the man who helped Barcelona discover Lionel Messi said he made him sign a contract on a paper napkin when he was just 12 years old because he knew he was too talented to let slip away. Carles Rexach was a Barcelona executive when he met Messi as a boy during a trial with the club. We all owe this man a big thank you!!!

(3) Messi had to juggle with an orange instead of a football 154 times without dropping it to prove his worth at the age of 12:

As we all know Lionel Messi was diagnosed with growth deficiency as a child and this was a problem for him because he was smaller than his mates.. Scouts from Barcelona shoved him aside for being to small and weak to become professional. But Messi who was so passionate about football couldn't let his dreams slip away, he took a piece of orange and juggled a hundred and fifty four times without dropping it to prove he's worth signing and we all knew how it turned out.."Wonder Messi".

(4) why Lionel Messi calls his teammate Gerrad Pique "papa Pique".

Don't be surprised, "Papa Pique" sound funny right? Well Pique wasn't friendly to Lionel when he arrived at the Barca academy, rather he bullied Messi around and called him autistic for being too quiet. But it didn't last long as Pique became his saving grace from other bullies after Messi humiliated him on field by dribbling past him countless times..Pique told the other kids to stay clear of him and he started fighting in Messi's stead as he found the tiny boy Amazing...he was like a father to Messi during their teen days and he called Pique "Papa Pique".well it led to a beautiful friendship.

Which of this facts surprised you the most?

let us know in the comment section.

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